About Us

About Us

Masjid Dar Alhuda, previously called Euless Musalla, was started informally in 2001 by some concerned brothers. It was subsequently registered as a Federal non-profit at the end of 2002.  By the mercy of Allah, enough resources were gathered from members of the community to establish a weekend School for our children. By the grace of Allah, and the sincerity and dedication of our volunteers, the Euless Musalla has grown tremendously over the years, and it became Masjid Dar Alhuda. In December 2004, Masjid Dar Alhuda took over the property of 1245 Karla Dr. Hurst, TX previously was IMAC.


Alhamdullilah know all five daily prayers are being held over here, as well as the Jumaah prayer and weekend School program. We have been involved in numerous activities beneficial for Muslims, include Weekend and Summer School for children, Knowledge Trips, camping for kids, weekend halagat Tilawah and Tajweed for adult men, and Islamic lectures, sisters only halagat Tilawah and Tajweed. Masjid Dar Alhuda board urgently needs your continuous encouragement, du`aa, monetary help and helping hands to support and expand our current and future activities and services. We ask Allah for help, mercy and support. Then we looking forword for our noble brothers in Islam to earn good rewards from Allah by helping us to change our dream project to real fact Insha’a Allah.

Our Mission

To instill the proper ‘Aqeedah’ in the hearts of Muslims of HEB and Metroplex and surrounding communities.

To inculcate the understanding of the pure teachings of Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) according to the understanding of his companions and of those who followed them in excellence.